I refuse to play the game anymore...

 I posted this in the NA forums and re-posting it here to let you all know that I am done with this game.... from even before the CV rework, the game was getting less and less enjoyable with every new update and nerf... The Commander rework was the last straw.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where is the promised button to reset all commanders in one go???? ANOTHER LIE???? I have not played this game since the "update" dropped.... the game wasnt "updated".... it was destroyed by ignorant devs who probably don't even play the game. I have no desire to play thus game anymore... there are OTHER better "free to play" games, and single player games like KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM which I'm playing and enjoying a great deal. The KSP forums is the place to be, the game devs actually CHAT with players on the forums,.... its TRUE.... no lie....

How to play NAVAL BATTLES the right way!

 Yes, we win the vast majority if our Naval Battles but we lose out big time. This is the right way to play this oil earning mode,. Read this and read it well, takes notes if you must. Firstly... there are many ways to play this mode, via CO-Op, Random or whatever. But that is wrong. You are NOT playing these modes, you simply are NOT! You are playing NAVAL BATTLES, so you must play to that style. FORGET Co-Op or random, they have nothing to do with it. NAVAL BATTLES is a mode for the clan to earn oil so we need STARS to win, so why us everyone playing to lose. So the idea us to get as many stars as you can. I used to play on all five servers, (CIS, EU,NA, ASIA and the TEST SERVER) and all my accounts are still there. This past weekend, I logged onto the EU server and while there, I checked out the clan we were fighting. They had 32 members to our 48.... yet, we JUST BEAT THEM! Why? That is the easy part. You guys are playing Co-Op or random. You probably won your game but as Naval Bat

Clan Battles!

 T8 CLAN BRAWLS   1/27-2/1/21    7PM to midnight EST  Interested.. tell ZZ or Dibbik and your ships  

German Secondaries Buffs plus MORE (video)


I am unwell... so...

 I am so very very unwell, so I'll be taking at least three days away from the game. For the most part, my cancer has been well behaved, attacking me (noticeably) one at a time. But yesterday, two of the cancers started fighting for my attention, and after waking up a short tine ago, a third joined in the fight, Namely... my Bone, Stomach and bowel cancers decided they would have some fun today. I will be taking a break starting now and the soonest I will be back is Wednesday! (13th January) You are all in the good and capable hands of DibbikDog and Zzatt! Stay well my clan, oh, seeing Naval Battles... I'm PROUD of all those who took part.

Clan Spotlight: ZZatt23065

  zzatt23065 ... what can I say? When he joined the clan, I saw potential in this guy. He was chatty and full of ideas, so much so that I made him Co-Commander. The main reason for his fast promotion was his ability to motivate others. So now, he came up with another idea which, if merged with my idea, will be a bonus for the clan. More on that shortly. Right now, I had this idea for a regular feature called "Spotlight on:" where we talk about what... AND WHO... makes the WULUF Clan that much more special.   Today, made famous for being the FIRST of our spotlight series, its zzatt23065 Enter the spotlight, zzatt! Its time for you to be recognized as this Clan's greatest  SECRET WEAPON! --<<>>--  Should I now be afraid that another clan will try and poach our TOP motivator? NO! Because Zzatt23065 is LOYAL TO THE OUR CLAN!!  ======================================================= So what was zzatt's idea that made him feature in our first ever spotlight?  &q

How is the clan doing|

 Currently, I'm taking a few days away from constantly fighting ships to taking a break from my cancer fight. I've been concerned, in the past, on how the clan is doing. We're actually do very well, it seems. Not only are we consistently winning Naval Battles each week, in fact, crushing the opposing team, but we finish off by grounding their remains into the ocean bed... even when we are winning, near the end, if it looks like the opposition MIGHT sneak ahead and steal the win from us, the call goes out and a few others rush in to secure us a few more stars.  Clan Battles are also improving... to cut a long story short, the Clan is doing better overall... EVEN WITH THE LITTLE THINGS, Like chatting to each other. We know this because we keep records!   We keep records on how many Naval Battles everyone takes part in, How often you chat and if you take part, or not, in clan discussions.  Why? Because a "chatty" clan is a happy clan! Our aim is to have a chatty clan